The Joe Rogan Effect: What Can We Learn From His Experience With Peptides and Testosterone?

Published on
June 17, 2024
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Joe Rogan is a man of many talents. He started his career as a standup comedian before gaining national attention as a post-fight interviewer and commentator for the UFC – as well as the host of Fear Factor. 

But then, in December 2009, he started a podcast. 

That podcast was named The Joe Rogan Experience, and at first, it was just another run-of-the-mill podcast trying to make it in an industry inundated with competition – and it remained that way for years. 

By 2015, it was quickly gaining steam as one of the most popular podcasts in the world. 

Today, it’s THE most listened-to podcast with more than 14.5 million followers on Spotify.

In other words – when Joe Rogan speaks, millions of people around the world tune in. 

And while he talks about a lot of different topics on that podcast, many people have taken a strong liking to his discussions about health and wellness, and how we can reduce the effects of the aging process. 

I guess when you’re a 57-year-old man who looks to be in his 30s, people are willing to listen.

If you’re wondering what he does to maintain his youth, you’ll be excited to learn that he opened up about the two things that make the biggest difference – testosterone replacement therapy and peptide therapy.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy: Is TRT the Real Deal? 

Joe Rogan has been open about his use of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) for several years, but before we get into his experience with it, you’re probably wondering what TRT is and why it’s important. 

So, let’s start there. 

TRT is a treatment that restores normal levels of testosterone through injections, patches, creams, and gels. It’s something that most men can benefit from since testosterone naturally decreases as we age. 

But what is testosterone – and what does it do? 

Testosterone is a hormone primarily produced in the male testes and prostate. It’s vital for maintaining muscle mass, strength, bone density, red blood cell production, mood, and cognitive and sexual function.

Joe Rogan’s Personal Experience With TRT

On October 29, 2018, Joe Rogan released Episode #1190 of his podcast with fellow comedian Joey Diaz. The episode is more than three hours long, but there’s a point in that episode where he talks about TRT

He talks about how he began undergoing testosterone replacement therapy when he was 40 years old after several years of seeing his testosterone levels dip. At the time, that was more than 10 years ago. 

After 10 years of taking it, he claimed that it ‘100% helps.’

“It’s real simple. If you’re fine with not feeling as good—good! But if you’re not fine with it … hormone replacement therapy exists for a reason, and that reason is it makes you feel way better,” he said in 2018. 

He added that it makes your body function better and helps you avoid ailments and conditions related to your body breaking down due to age – but he was also adamant about people doing it the right way. 

Here’s what he described as the right way to do it: 

  1. Only do TRT if it’s administered by a healthcare professional
  2. Go to a doctor who tests your blood levels and nutrient levels 
  3. Make all the necessary changes in your life outside of TRT 

Those changes include your sleeping routine, stress management, eating habits, water consumption, diet and nutritional needs, and doing away with bad habits – such as drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes.

For him, it’s not something that happened overnight. 

In fact, it took him and his doctor several months to find what works best for him. He started with creams, but transitioned to injections to help him get to a point where he had the T levels of a healthy young man.

And while he says there are ways to increase testosterone naturally, those ways simply don’t work as well as TRT. What’s most important is that your body has testosterone – even if it comes through an injection. 

Peptide Therapy: The Treatment That Has Everyone Talking

In addition to TRT, Joe Rogan has also opened up about his experience with peptide therapy – a rising star in the anti-aging community, but something many people are still learning to accept and understand.

So, what are peptides – and what is peptide therapy?

Peptides are short chains of amino acids, typically consisting of 2 to 50 amino acids. They act in much the same way as protein does in the body, but proteins are typically composed of 50 or more amino acids. 

Much like TRT restores testosterone levels, peptide therapy restores peptide levels. 

It’s commonly used to regulate hormone levels in the body, increase collagen, reduce the signs of aging, muscle growth, weight loss, immune system modulation, and enhance the healing/recovery process.

Joe Rogan’s Personal Experience With Peptides

Joe Rogan has opened up about his use of peptides on several occasions, but one of his most popular discussions came on Andrew Schulz's Flagrant with Akaash Singh – an episode that aired in June 2022.

At one point during the episode, Rogan was asked to list all the supplements he takes. 

“The big results come from testosterone replacement, so there’s that. And then there are peptides that increase your body’s ability to grow hormones like growth hormones and IGF-1,” he openly responded. 

He was then asked to be more specific about the peptides he takes. 

Here’s what he had to say: 

“There’s BPC-157, Ipamorelin, and another one’s called Thymosin. And what these things do is they help your body produce the hormones that it should have when you’re younger, and your body works better.”

Let’s take a look at Joe Rogan’s ‘big three’ when it comes to peptides: 

  • BPC-157, which stands for Body Protection Compound-157, is a peptide consisting of 15 amino acids that’s primarily known for its wound-healing and regenerative properties.
  • Ipamorelin is a pentapeptide (five amino acids) that functions as a growth hormone secretagogue (GHS) that promotes muscle growth, strength, fat metabolism (fat loss), and more.
  • Thymosin, also known as TB500, is a 43 amino acid peptide widely known for its regenerative and healing properties, and is commonly taken alongside BPC-157.

And while those three can do a lot for the body, there are nearly a dozen more peptides – such as CJC1295, Sermorelin, TB500, GHK-Cu, PT 141, and more – that can help the body in various ways.

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